Our team

The passionate individuals who make up Ohemaa Foundation’s dedicated team each bring their experiences and expertise to the organization.
We are all dedicated to change millions of children’s lives across Ghana.


founder & c.e.o.

Ohemaa Foundation was founded to create opportunities for vulnerable children in Ghana. We aim to create awareness of children’s rights and development in all areas of Ghana. Besides that, we also aim to impact the young Ghanaian people across the globe to join us to improve our country.

immaculee agbedanou

head of communication

I believe in equal opportunity for all because that is the only way we as humanity can truly advance. A world full of inequality does not fit my vision for life, that is why I take a proactive stand in fighting for those that are deprived of their rights.

eunice sarfo

secretary & planner

It has always been my dream to help children who are less fortunate, as Abdul Kalam said: “Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow”.

Manuela antwi

Head of finance

By joining Ohemaa Foundation, I am not only able to help create a strong foundation for children less fortunate than I am, but I’m also able to help raise awareness amongst individuals about the crime that is child poverty.

gladys akom ankobrey

senior researcher

My experiences in Ghana has given me a heightened sense of the ways I could relate my academic background with concerns regarding inequality. Ohemaa Foundation enables me to fulfill my desire to explore strategies to support disadvantaged children and youth in a meaningful and sustainable way.

bowi ockerse

junior researcher

I am part of Ohemaa Foundation because the foundation is helping children who are less fortunate to achieve a better life. Since I think education is the most important part of growing up, I want to help give children a better opportunity to be educated and be prepared for a better future.