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Abena Konadu Osei
C.E.O. & Founder
My name is Abena K. Osei, I was born in Accra, Ghana. My family and I moved to The Netherlands when I was twelve years old. I have always had a passion to help the needy ones since I was very little. I started Ohemaa Foundation to create opportunities for vulnerable children in Ghana. Our mission is to create awareness of children’s rights and development in all areas of Ghana. Besides that, we want to impact the young Ghanaian people across the globe to join us to improve our country.
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Isaac Boadi
Management Assistant
I am Isaac Asamoah Boadi, a 26-year old self- motivated young man. I come from Akim -Nkronso, a suburb of the Eastern Region, Ghana. I currently work with Ministry Of Gender and Social Protection as an Assistant Research Officer. Also, I am the Management Assistant of Ohemaa Foundation. It has always been my passion to help people in need therefore with Ohemaa Foundation I am trying to find suitable measures to help change the lives of children in need. Being part of Ohemaa Foundation means a lot to me. I would like to build myself up career wise so that I can contribute to helping the needy.
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Eunice Sarfo
Secretary & Planner
My name is Eunice Sarfo and I am the Secretary and planner of Ohemaa Foundation. With my knowledge of administration and my passion for Psychology, I am pleased to be a part of this organization, where I can make use of the skills I possess. It has always been my dream to help children who are less fortunate, as Abdul Kalam said: “Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow”. There are a lot of children who need people to believe in them and help them to build a better future for themselves. With Ohemaa Foundation I hope we can be the light at the end of the tunnel for these children.
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Immaculee Agbedanou
Communication & Media Strategist
My name is Immaculee Agbedanou, a Communication and Media student. I was born in Ghana but moved to The Netherlands at a very young age. I believe in equal opportunity for all because that is the only way we as humanity can truly advance. A world full of inequality does not fit my vision for life, that is why I take a proactive stand in fighting for those that are deprived of their rights. What good do we gain if we don't invest in our future, that is our children. This is why I work for Ohemaa Foundation, to truly make a difference where it is needed.
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Manuela Antwi
Online Marketer
My name is Manuela Antwi and I am the Online Marketeer for Ohemaa Foundation. From an early age, I watched how my age mates in my motherland suffered because they were less fortunate than I was. I, thus, grew up determined to help in any which way I could when I was able to and I believe there is no time as perfect as the present. By joining this organization, I am not only able to help create a strong foundation for children less fortunate than I am, but I'm also able to help raise awareness amongst individuals about the crime that is Child Poverty. By tackling the world of Social Media, it will be feasible for us to reach as many people as possible and to spread our message.
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Viviane Dogbe
Fundraiser & Planner
My name is Vivian Dogbe, a hospitality management graduate with a degree specialized in tourism. Possess relevant professional experience gained from 4 years of working experience with a top travel agency and currently running my own travel agency Polkadots Travel&Tours. Growing up in Ghana, I witnessed a lot of children living on the streets due to poverty. I believe in giving back to the community that is why I joined an organization as Ohemaa Foundation. With this, I hope to change many lives.
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Roland Akuoko-Sarpong
My name is Roland Akuoko-Sarpong and I'm the treasurer for Ohemaa Foundation. My career objective is to be part of a team that is result oriented and strives to achieve the organizational goals. I'm taking some courses in the English Language as I'm currently unemployed. I have a passion for children especially the needy ones. I joined Ohemaa Foundation because I realized it holds the passion for making people's lives better especially the children in our society. Therefore working with Ohemaa Foundation we will see this passion becoming a reality.
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Gladys Akom Ankobrey
External Relations Officer & Researcher
My name is Gladys Akom Ankobrey and I am a Ph.D. student. Before embarking on my Ph.D. journey, I studied Migration and Diaspora Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. Early 2018, I moved from Maastricht to The Hague to conduct research among young people of Ghanaian background. My research project focuses on how youth experience growing up between The Netherlands and Ghana. Through my research, I got in touch with Abena (CEO) and learned about Ohemaa’s activities. In December 2018, I got the opportunity to experience firsthand the efforts of Ohemaa to make an impact on children in Ghana. Since then, I got involved in Ohemaa as an External relations officer and a Researcher. My experiences in Ghana gave me a heightened sense of the ways I could relate my academic background with concerns regarding inequality. Ohemaa enables me to fulfill my desire to explore strategies to support disadvantaged children and youth in a meaningful and sustainable way.
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